Thursday, 9 February 2012

Making it simple: the Easy Lobby 
Visitor Management system
See how simple Easy Lobby is to use

Is your visitor log book secure enough?

Many business owners and administrators think that a visitor log book is a good way to maintain security in their facility.  Here's a couple of reasons why it just isn't enough.

Lack of privacy!

Your visitor log book may be putting your guests in danger.  It might seem extreme but let's say that while I'm waiting in line to sign in, I take a fancy to the lady who's filling out her information ahead of me.  When it's my turn, I could memorize her profile and cause a serious safety hazard for her.

Emergency Prepardeness!

Another scenario that many people don't consider is an emergency, during which all occupants are directed to an evacuation post.  As you look through the log book to determine who is accounted for, you realize that there are big gaps in the accuracy of the times that people have signed in and out, and for all you know, even the names could be wrong, or missing.

Easy Lobby solves all of these issues, and more.  The system works with a simple business card or driver's license scanner.  The receptionist quickly scans the visitor's identification, chooses the employee who is responsible for them, clicks print, and a badge is printed that will automatically expire in 24 hours.  It's really that simple, and typically takes about 20 seconds to process a new visitor.

Groove Identification Solutions are proven experts in the security industry.  Please give us a call, toll free at 1-888-940-3645, and ask about our free 30 day trial.

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