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   Are you paying too much  
   for your proximity cards?   
   Shop around to be sure. 
Groove Identification Solutions - Proximity Cards
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Prox Cards - Are you paying too much?

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I'm grateful for some of the very positive feedback that I've received about the video blogs so far.  It's nice to know that the information is helpful. I had a request this month to cover the subject of proximity cards - how they are presented, and what the price range is for each type.  It's an extensive subject that would take a lot of information to cover in detail, but we'll look briefly at the 3 popular forms, and we'll look at the pros and cons of each - Clamshell cards, Video Grade cards and Key Fobs.

Clamshell cards, Video Grade cards, Key Fobs

Clamshell cards are the original proximity card prototype; they are durable and rugged, but only printable on one side.  Actually, you can't print on them at all, unless you buy another card called a 'backpack', which is printable and has an adhesive surface that allows you to stick it to the Clamshell card.  The backpack tends to dog ear and separate over time, making this a less attractive solution for businesses that need to personalize their proximity cards.

Groove Identification Solutions - Key FobVideo Grade cards are printable on both sides, so no other card is needed to personalize them.  Although they are a little more expensive than the Clamshells, the cost per unit averages out to about the same price, if you also factor in the cost of the backpack cards.  In my opinion for photo ID applications, this is a far better option than Clamshell, overall.

Key fobs are small and lightweight - a perfect solution for small businesses that do not require personalization of their proximity cards. They are, of course, not printable.

The pricing structure for proximity cards is all over the map, because there is no set price specified by the manufacturers.  Some organizations are aggressive about competitive pricing, while others continue to charge inflated rates for their products. Perhaps you bought your access control system from a supplier years ago, and have been buying proximity cards from them ever since.  It's very possible that you could be paying much more than necessary. That's why it's important for you to shop around for the best price.

Another factor that impacts on the price of your cards is the type of function that they perform.  The possibilities are many and varied.  If you are using HID cards, check the box they came in and note the Job Number, Part Number and Facility Code. That is the info you will need to get an accurate quote from an alternate supplier, such as ourselves.

We have saved some of our clients as much as 50%.  We hope you will give us a call at 1-888-940-3645, so we can try to offer you significant savings, as well.

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