Monday, 16 July 2012

   Wireless access control is now 
   easy, affordable and wire free!   

If you've been hesitating to get access control
installed in your office, you'll be glad you waited

Tired of keys and the lack of security and control that comes with them? Groove Identification Solutions is pleased to introduce our new line of Sargent v.S2 wireless access control solutions! These solutions are engineered with smaller companies in mind. Whether you have just one door or more, access control is now within your budget!

Manage office security
from your mobile phone 

Our new Sargent v.S2 wireless access control solution connects to your building's existing Wi-Fi network, and can make decisions at the door if the network fails. Because there are no wires to run, installation and labour costs are dramatically reduced.

No more software headaches! You now have the choice of either our Hosted or Managed access control service.
Hosted Access Control ServiceThis is the option where we manage your access control system for you. There is need for you to become an access control "expert" using this package. Just send us the change you need to your database, and we will take care of your request 24/7, 365 days a year.

Managed Access ControlIf you want to manage your own access control system, this option is for you.  Our service lets you manage all your cardholders and database changes with a simple web browser. You can control your system with any smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

Save a full 70% in installation and maintenance
costs compared to the traditional wired system

The Sargent Intelligent WiFi Profile series is a true game changer, enabling you to enjoy savings of 70% or more compared to wired access systems.  When you remove the need of complex and difficult wiring installations, computer and network infrastructure and expensive access control software, It's easy to understand why the cost difference is so dramatic.

Give us a call today at 1-888-940-3645 or email us at to learn more about how easy and affordable it is to get wireless access control at your company.    

Warmest Regards,

Carmen Ritter
Groove Identification Solutions Inc.

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